Thursday 5 September 2013

Student vegetable plots

The student vegetable plots are tucked away in the northern part of the garden, opposite the School of Horticulture, and are keenly maintained by the students. Although there is a strong element of fun involved, meticulous marking once a month by the assessor means you must get on with it whether you would like to or not! Vegetables are required to be grown to a high standard, pest free and harvested at the correct time, and some flowering plants are also allowed on the plots too to lure in the pollinating insects. The highest marks are awarded to those who utilise the space most ingeniously, with catch crops and intercropping to give the most bountiful harvest overall! Marks are lost to those with bare soil, weeds, and for negligent harvesting, such as the inevitable comedy marrow left growing on the courgette plant for too long. We benefited from a very good growing year this summer, and overall it was bloody good fun!
My plot took on a Dig for Victory theme this year, with patriotic flags and a wartime scarecrow standing guard. The cosmos were magnificently unruly and have flowered their socks off

Bean poles and the old bunting!

Mixed marigolds providing a colourful edging

A peacock resting over a row of carrots, although many students did not bother to protect their crops we have had no incidents of the dreaded root fly

Tagetes and some healthy basil poking through

The rocket have bolted gloriously this year, one of the students foresaw the inevitable

Some incredible bolting lettuce!

Lord Roberts enjoying the evening sun

This is a surprisingly excellent dwarf sunflower cultivar, H. ‘Little Dorrit’. The honeybees in particular are very keen on it

Excess veg from the plots, plus flowers and some potted plants, are sold here every Friday between 12pm and 1pm



Britta said...

Now I am very happy to have put you on my (main )blog list berlinletters in June - and waited patiently (didn't scratch away the soil to see if the seed is germinating) that another post of you would follow. Great! Your theme of your bed reminds me of a little sketch I wrote some time ago - if you are interested, please wait a day (I have to translate it) and then I will post it on Hope to see you!

Diana Studer said...

Welcome back, Bertie! The bolting rocket looks eminently garden-worthy, even if the assessors don't think so.

Wife, Mother, Gardener said...

Love the moustashe! Good growing!

Gardener in the Distance said...

Bertie, how many students can say they have fun? In such an achievement-riddled world such as we live in, I kind of like the ordinariness and humour embodied in your outdoor classroom. Full marks!

Anonymous said...

Do love the scarecrow - great button, beady eyes!

Anonymous said...

Hi, hmm wrote a comment but dont think it was saved.
Hope all is well with you and the borders. Enjoy your blogging...when you do ..cough cough.. :)
Gods peace!
Ann K-Berg (at twitter)
Ann-sofie as is

Anonymous said...

What Ho Bertie. I'm not sure if you remember me but I used to write a blog called The Sundial Garden. My blog has moved now as I'm concentrating on my writing ( not fear, I have not given up the gardening. IN fact my Dad studied at Kew a long time ago now and so I have a strong gardening influence in my family!

I'm launching my second murder mystery novelette 'One For The Rook' at the end of October. It features a mystery solving milliner named Blake Hetherington. One For The Rook is a murder mystery based on an allotment and I'm looking for people to review it. I know your probably up to your neck in studies at the mo, but if you were interesting in reviewing it on Amazon for me I'd be happy to send you a PDF copy via e-mail.

Hope you're having a great time, I look forward to following your adventures at Kew!!

The Green Lady said...

Hi Bertie, I love the dig for victory garden. It's so neat and tidy! And I very much enjoyed seeing you on tv recently. I expected to hear a posh southern accent, what a surprise. It was a very enjoyable program. I've moved back to Scotland and have started a new blog now, please do pop over for a visit and virtual cup of tea if you have time.

The Green Lady said...

Your scarecrow looks very familiar! Such a colourful and packed vegetable plot, love the dig for victory theme. Wishing you lots of healthy growth for 2014! x

Anne (Hidcote) said...

Are you there Bertie???


Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

Hello Bertie! I'm just getting back into blogging and was glad to find that you are still blogging. I tracked you down at Kew. LOL.

I visited Kew Gardens a few years ago, on my trip to England, and I adored it there. Spent many hours wandering around it. SO glad you are having a wonderful opportunity there.

Happy Gardening,
Diane from Cotttage Garden

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